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GG 103 Geology of the Hawaiian Islands Second Exam Topics

The exam consists 4-5 written questions:

The potential comprehension questions are listed below.

The potential application question is related to one or more of the comprehension topics. A satisfactory response has three parts:

  1. List the topic(s) that applies, e.g. I can respond by using the Density Structure of Earth.
  2. Briefly explain the parts of the concept necessary to respond to question, e.g. Three layers, density and compositional differences, etc.
  3. Answer the question.

Potential Written Comprehension Exam Questions

The 3-5 written comprehension questions will come from lecture topics

Lava and Volcanoes

Explosivity of an Eruption

Discuss the explosivity of an eruption. (10)

Use the Igneous Rock Classification Chart to compare felsic, intermediate, and mafic magmas. (6)


Discuss lava. (10)


Discuss volcanoes. (10)

Hawai'i Shield Volcanoes

Discuss the structure of Hawaiian shield volcanoes. (10)

Lifestages of Hawaiian Shield Volcanoes

Shield-Building Stage

Discuss the shield-building stage. (10)

Declining Stage

Discuss the declining stage. (10)

Age of the Islands

Absolute Age Dating

Discuss absolute age dating. (10)


The list of exam topics and potential written questions for the second exam are complete

Exam Topics Page
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