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GG103 Fourteenth Readings Discussion Questions

Coastal Geology

MacDonald, Abbott, and Peterson - Chapter 14, p. 274

Man and the Shore

1. List the two main hazards associated with building structures within the shoreline environment.

2. Discuss the types of shoreline flooding and give their relative frequency.

3. Give the primary solution to shoreline flooding.

4. Discuss the stability of beaches.

5. How much beach is estimated to have been lost at Waimea Bay between 1928 and 1975?

6. Explain why Waimea Bay is a closed system with respect to sand.

7. Give the future outlook for Waimea Beach.

8. Explain why the homes at the southern end of Kailua Beach might be threatened in the forseeable future.

9. Explain why the quality of Waikiki Beach has deteriorated in recent times.

Changes of Sea Level

10. Give the reasons for tectonic changes of sea level.

11. Give the reasons for eustatic changes of sea level.

12. List the variety of features used to determine the existence of former shorelines.

13. How deep were coral reefs encountered in bore holes west of Leahi (Diamond Head)?

14. Explain the formation of the flat coastal regions such as the Ewa Plain and Honolulu.

15. Explain the formation of Penguin Bank. (See fig. 20.32)