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GG 103 Optional Lecture Reports Information

The optional Lecture Reports are exercises in listening comprehension, critical thinking, and writing.

Four times a semester, students can attend a designated marine-related lecture and write a lecture report. Eligible lectures will be listed on Lani Aina Kai, or a lecture can be suggested by a student, who can discuss its eligibility with the instructor. A lecture report covers what the student learned from the lecture.

To receive full credit for each Lecture Report (2.5 points), students must write a report that is 1-2 pages long, is double-spaced, has 1-1.5" margins, and uses a 12-point font. Students must include the title of the lecture attended, and where and when it was presented. A lecture report is graded on the how well the subjects learned from the lecture are described and organized. Grading is in increments of 0.5 points

For iTunes podcast lectures, students must write a report that is 2-3 pages long.

One Lecture Report can be turned in approximately every four weeks. Check the nearest due date on the Assignments page. The due dates for all four Lecture Reports are listed in the syllabus.