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OCN 201 - Science of the Sea

Welcome to Lani Aina Kai's oceanography home page. Here you can find your class syllabus, lecture notes, assignments and their due dates, exam topics and exam dates, FAQ, and links to interesting oceanography Web sites.

* Read * The course syllabus should be read the first day of class. Go to the Syllabi page and select your class time to see the syllabus for your class. Questions about the syllabus and course requirements are discussed at the beginning of the second class period.

* Text * Students also can rent or purchase the course text, Invitation to Oceanography, Seventh Edition, by P. Pinet, at and other online retailers. The text's access code is not necessary for this course, so used books are fine.

Suggested reading: This reading is recommended, but not required. To understand oceanography better, read Chapter 1: The Growth of Oceanography.

* First Assignment and Quiz * The reading assignment for the first quiz is The Origin of Ocean Basins, It also is posted on the Assignments page. The quiz is Monday, August 28 for the MWF classes and Tuesday, August 29 for the MWF classes. To learn more about the reading assignments, see your class syllabus on the Syllabi page.

* Media Topic * The first media topic, an optional assignment, is due Tuesday, August 5 for the TR classes and Wednesday, August 6 for the MWF classes. To read about this optional assignment, see your syllabus on the Syllabi page and Media Topics Information page, which shows an example.

* Notes * The initial set of notes for the first exam, Plate Tectonics, is posted on the Notes page. The notes will be complete approximately one week prior to the exam.

* Exam Topics* The initial set of exam topics for the first exam, First Exam Topics, is posted on the Exam Topics page. The exam topics will be complete approximately one week prior to the exam.

Want to improve your learning skills? Check out the links on the Learning Skills page.

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