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OCN 201 - Science of the Sea

Welcome to Lani Aina Kai's oceanography home page. Here you can find your class syllabus, lecture notes, assignments and their due dates, exam topics and exam dates, FAQ, and links to interesting oceanography Web sites.

* Exam * The first exam is Friday, February 17 for the MWF classes and Thursday, February 18 for the TR classes. The exam will cover five weeks of lecture notes. To review the exam questions, see the First Exam Topics page.

* Notes * The complete set of notes for the first exam, Plate Tectonics, Ocean Basins, and Marine Sediments, is posted on the Notes page.

* Exam Topics * The complete set of exam topics for the first exam, First Exam Topics, is posted on the Exam Topics page.

Want to improve your learning skills? Check out the links on the Learning Skills page.

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