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Waikiki Aquarium Field Trip

The Waikiki Aquarium is located on the shoreline in the middle of Kapiolani Park in Waikiki.

Take H-1 East and exit at an offramp near Waikiki. Proceed to Kapiolani Park. If you park on the makai side of the park, most of the stalls have parking meters, so bring quarters. Parking on the mauka road is free, but you will need to walk 100-200 m across the park.

With a Hawaii ID, entrance to the aquarium is $8, and be sure to keep the receipt to turn in as proof of the field trip. Ask for a wand to listen to the information at the designated locations. Go through the exhibits and record what you learn. A thorough visit can take 2 hours or more. Use your notes to write the field trip report.

Staple your entrance receipt to the front of your report. You will not get credit for the report without a receipt or proof that you were at the aquarium.

You should go through the aquarium and take notes on the exhibits that interest you. You must have enough information to fill 2-3 pages. Write about what you learned: where do coral live, what to octopuses eat, do sharks die if they stop swimming, etc.?

You can write about anything you learn; however, you must discuss these three topics - sharks, coral, and monk seals - in addition to the other topics you cover.

To receive full credit for each field trip report (5.0 points) students must write a report that is 2-3 pages long, is double-spaced, has 1-1.5" margins, and uses a 12-point font. For additional information about the requirements for the field trip report, visit the Syllabi page.

The report is due the last day of class: Thursday, May 1 for the TR sections and Wednesday, May 2 for the MWF sections.