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OCN 201 Media Topics Example

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First Media Topic

This article was published on 3/24/08 in the Honolulu Star Advertiser. The title is More Blasts Possible As Volcano Spews Gas.

The article discusses Kilauea's volcanic eruptions, in which volcanic debris was spewn over a 75-acre area. The eruptions released large amounts of sulfur dioxide gas, as high as 1,200 ton/day. Sulfur dioxide is a hazardous gas that will affect the downwind regions. The National Park Service closed the southern, downwind region of the caldera region of Volcano National Park.

In class, we learned (1) that the magma that forms the Hawaiian Islands is generated in the mantle. (2) The mantle is part of the density structure of Earth, which consists of three layers: the crust, the mantle, and the core. (3) The crust is on the outside and the core is on the inside. (4) Early in the history of Earth, it segregated by density. (5) The more dense elements sank to the core, and the least dense elements rose to the crust. This segregation resulted in compositional differences. Therefore each layer has a different average composition. The crust is mostly Al silicate, whereas the mantle is mostly Fe, Mg silicate, and the core is mostly Fe.