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OCN 201 - Projects

Why Should I Do a Project at Leeward CC?

OCN 201 students can volunteer for a marine-related independent study project. By completing a project you will learn new skills, such as research techniques, Web design, management techniques, digital photography, or video production, that can aid your professional and academic careers.

Learning new skills can increase your marketability when you seek a job. Also, the completion of an independent study project distinguishes you - you did something that most other students do not do - and enhances your resume, this is especially important if you will apply for a selective baccalaureate or graduate program. Independent study projects help you stand out from other applicants.

What Does a Project Require?

Projects are designed to be completed in one semester. Students can complete a project as a MOP Skills Project, an independent study course, or simply as a volunteer. To obtain college credit for a project, you must work with the oceanography instructor or another mentor to write a project proposal. Once the proposal is accepted and a timeline determined, you work on the project under the guidance of your project mentor to accomplish the goals outlined in the proposal.

Which Project Could I Do?

The oceanography instructor has several projects available, some of which are ongoing and others that have not started. You can either join a current project or work with the instructor to design a new project.

Here are several projects need students:

If you are not interested in any of these projects, you can propose a project to the oceanography instructor. If your proposal is feasible, the oceanography instructor will act as your mentor or help you find one.

How Do I Begin?

The first step is to talk to the oceanography instructor about your interests and the type of project you would like to do. Once an agreement on the type of project is reached, you will work with the oceanography instructor to write a project proposal.

To earn credit for the project, you have two options. You can enroll in OCN 101, which is offered during the fall semester. In OCN 101 you design, write, and obtain approval for your project proposal. With additional courses, this route will allow you to earn a MOP certificate, essentially a minor in marine studies. For more information talk to the oceanography instructor and pick up a MOP brochure, or talk to the MOP coordinator, Frank Stanton, BS 207.

If you would rather do the project as an independent study outside of the MOP program, you can design a project worth 1-4 elective credits.

If you have questions, contact the oceanography instructor.


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