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OCN 201L - Lab Locations

This page contains directions to the lab locations. Directions will be posted one week before the date of the lab. If you cannot find the location on the day of the fieldtrip, call the instructor's mobile phone: 782-6530.

Date Lab Topic Lab Location
August 21 Questions and Investigation MS 102
  28 Scientific Research MS 102
September 4 Holiday - Labor Day  
  11 Plate Tectonics MS 102
  18 Presentation Research Library/Internet
  25 The Scientific Method: Isostasy MS 102
October 2 Maps: Longitude and Latitude MS 102
  9 Marine Sediment/Sea Floor MS 102
  16 Mid-Term Exam MS 102
  23 Seawater MS 102
  30 Productivity MS 102
November 6 Currents MS 102
  13 Waves MS 102
  20 Lab Final/Presentations MS 102
  27 Lab Final/Presentations MS 102
  4 Tides MS 102

If you have questions, check your class syllabus and the FAQ page. If you cannot find an answer to your question, send an email message to the instructor, Michael Lane.

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