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OCN 201L - Presentations

Presentation Criteria

The presentation is an exercise in information searches, critical thinking, organization of material, and oral skills:

    1. Each student will give a five-minute digital presentation about an oceanography topic.
    2. Select a topic in consultation with the instructor by September 11.
    3. Conduct library and Internet searches for sources on September 18.
    4. Submit a one-page draft outline on the presentation structure October 2.
    5. Devleop at digital presentation using Keynote or PowerPoint.
    6. Submit a one-page final outline on the presentation structure on day of the presentation.
    7. Use at least three sources for their presentations and list the sources in their presentation outline.

Presenations Schedule

Name Date Topic
Jamie Toler Nov 20 Coral Bleaching
Paige Hamada Nov 20 Hawaiian Fishponds
Brandee Vest Nov 20 Life at Vents and Seeps
Emily Kilthau Nov 20 Oxybenzone in Sunscreens
Ben Padua Nov 20 Coriolis Effect
Tiera Abe Nov 20 Life in the Deep Sea
Shae-Lynne Igarta-Pieters Nov 20 Tsunami
Jakob Vallesteros Nov 20 Fish That Survive Salt & Fresh Water
Michelle Fontillas Nov 20 Great White Migration
Brandee Saguicio Nov 20 Effects of Global Warming
Tralene Hunston Nov 27 Consequences of Maring Oil Drilling
Raemart Laigo Nov 27 Sea Star Wasting
Derric Hansen Nov 27 Life Cycle of Jellies
Precious Cablay Nov 27 Ocean Pollution
Dazztie Tatlonghari Nov 27 Tides in the Hawaiian Islands
Ciara Bonglolan-Aquino Nov 27 Conspicuous Sea Cucumbers
Cale Guillermo Nov 27 Sea Sponges
  Nov 27  

If you have questions, check your class syllabus and the FAQ page. If you cannot find an answer to your question, send an email message to the instructor, Michael Lane.

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